Still liking the feel of Apple’s Journal app, particularly the way it pulls in Activity, Podcasts, Music, etc. Find it a little irritating that it doesn’t automatically do the same for audiobooks. 💻

    Haven’t been spending a lot of time on recently, which I’m beating myself up about because I started the year with such high aims. Nothing I can do about the missed writing except to try and pull myself out of the fug. 💻😐

    Apple products are fantastic until something so irritating that it makes me want to gnaw my arm off falls through the gap. 💻

    Liking the new Ulysses widgets. 💻 is the right place to ask this. Is using my iPhone as a webcam as good as buying a separate camera? 💻

    Weird ‘Find My…’ glitch. My wife’s location is static at ‘home’ and has been counting down for a few weeks now (currently ‘in 10 hours’). She is to technology what a dog is to a dropped biscuit. If the machines ever take over, my missus will be mankind’s salvation. 💻

    My replacement Nanoleaf Shapes controller is on its way. I’ve missed using it. 💻

    Finally added a bit more information to my blog today. 😐💻

    I’m quite liking Apple’s Journal app. I know Day One is better, but as it goes for fast documentation of things I’ve been doing during the day, it’s very handy. I look forward to seeing how it develops. 💻

    I wish I had more confidence in tinkering with my blog. I mean, the worst that can happen is I mess it up and some kind soul advises me how to fix it. Anyway, I’m in the process of trying to make it more me and less generic. 💻

    Threads is already irritating me. Glad to get clarification rather than supposition on that, however. 💻

    Threads app is kind of there, but isn’t; at least for me. Stuck in a loop of trying to set up an account, with no sign of the app in store yet. I’ll be patient. 💻

    Front page of my iPhone and iPad. Pretty similar apps really, though I’m trying to keep both devices separated in terms of usage. Particularly happy with the iPad screen. 💻

    iPhone screenshot, large calendar app taking up the most space. iPad screenshot. Calendar app top, reading apps and shortcuts, with magazines and small app buttons completing. Native Apple apps along the bottom.

    I love the community, but I’m not using it with just under one month left on my subscription. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve fully got to grips with what I can use it for. Any tips? 💻

    On a whim, after a long time, I’ve resubscribed to Fantastical. 💻

    I’m going to give the Apple ‘Focus’ modes another whirl, I think. 💻

    I have high hopes for NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe I’m a naive fool, but this time it feels different. 📝💻

    Any Aeon Timeline users here? I’ve had it a little while, but thinking of diving in for fine-tuning NaNoWriMo. 💻📝

    Although I’m trying to minimise the amount of social media I’m on, I am intrigued by the new Ulysses message board and have joined up. 💻

    I’m going to tinker with my blog this coming week, make the info more informative and posts more posty. 💻

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