I never doubted you for a moment Burnley. ⚽️❤️

    Burnley 2-0 Sheff Utd H/T. Utd down to ten men. Don’t mess this up Clarets!⚽️

    A better performance by Burnley, but still three conceded. ⚽️

    Premier League have moved the Burnley game I booked to attend, which has irritated me no end. ⚽️

    Hoping for a first point or three for the mighty Clarets today. ⚽️

    Seeing the state of that England squad, it’s no wonder I’ve lost interest in international footy. ⚽️

    Goodness knows, I’ve seen some rough times at the Turf over the seasons - I’ve earned basking in a bit of reflected glory. ⚽️📺

    Also finished ‘Mission to Burnley’ documenting the fall and rise of my beloved Clarets. While I’m incredibly happy that I’ve made rural Ireland my home, I do feel a little torn that I’m not around to soak in the feel-good atmosphere around the town that comes with the football team doing well. 📺⚽️

    The excitement is building as Burnley’s return to the Premier League begins with the visit of Man City tonight. I am positively bubbling over with joy. ⚽️

    Decided to bite the bullet and book a ticket for a Burnley game. Most home games are sold out already, but I found a solitary ticket for Luton in January. Every time I book for a Prem game, some catastrophic event happens - so if some new pandemic happens around Christmas time ‘my bad’. ⚽️

    One of the all-time classic penalty shootouts. ⚽️

    Man City at the Turf on the opening day of the Premier League. Of course it is. ⚽️😂

    Penalties. ⚽️

    Coventry v Luton in the play-off final. Should be a good game this, no preference to who gets promoted but I think Luton will prevail. ⚽️

    Right then polytunnel, we’ll see just how much I can clear you before the play-off final starts. 🌱⚽️😐

    Just found out that Soccer AM is finishing, for good, this Saturday. Essential viewing before the footy in the ‘90s. ⚽️

    Two great games on tonight. Decided to watch the Man City v Real Madrid game rather than the ‘Boro v Coventry play-off. ⚽️

    Enjoyed the Luton V Sunderland game. I was convinced that Sunderland would win the play-offs, but Luton were immense tonight. People look down their noses at aggressive, direct, footy but done well it’s unstoppable. ⚽️

    Watching the EFL Championship play-offs. Thought Sunderland looked good yesterday and they’re my tip to get promoted. ⚽️

    Fair play Arsenal, I didn’t think they had that in them. ⚽️

    Burnley News ⚽️.

    Great news for us Clarets. With the investment from JJ and Kealia Watt, it really seems like we have stepped up a level off the field as well.⚽️ Vincent Kompany Signs New Contract.

    One of these seasons Everton will get relegated. This might be the one. ⚽️

    Burnley secure the title, at Ewood Park. Perfect. ⚽️

    Swansea 1-2 Burnley. ⚽️

    The mighty Burnley F.C. go into the New Year top of the league and fourteen points clear of third place. ⚽️

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