Just consumed a dreadful vegetarian breakfast. Rank. 🀒🌱

    Hoping the upcoming week is more conducive to garden work. 😐🌱

    I posted a photo of a sheep skull last week, I think more bones may be sitting in the overgrown corner of the garden. My lurcher laughed at my attempt to block it off and launched over said blockage last-night. Couldn’t get back though, which traumatised all concerned. πŸŒ±πŸ•

    Moved a tonne of bark mulch before lunch, now watching the football. 🌱⚽️

    I think I’m going to give Veganuary another whirl this January. 🌱

    A nice Christmas so far. Good vegetarian food, surprisingly palatable alcohol-free fizz. Winding down until the new β€˜Doctor Who’ now. πŸ“ΊπŸŒ±

    Sweet and sour crispy tofu tonight. My fingers smell like garlic and ginger, despite several hand washes. 🌱🍍🌢️

    Trying to get the remainder of bark mulch down in the veg patch. I’m too pretty for manual labour. 🌱

    We planted multiple fruit trees many years ago and I’ve pretty much left them alone, more through laziness than design. Anyway just had a plum, my first plum, from the tree and it was magnificent. There’s not many there, but I hope to keep an eye on their ripeness as wasps have descended on the apples. 🌱

    Squeaky wheelbarrow, laughing at my attempts at manual labour. 🌱

    We might have plums this year. 🌱

    Unripe green plums hanging from a branch.

    Polytunnel weather. 🌱

    Wooden thermometer hanging on a wooden doorframe. The mercury is just short of 40*C.

    Alcohol free gin and tonic in a veg patch approximately five weeds down. So that’s five less I have to pull over this coming week. 🌱

    A glass of clear beverage on a chipped wooden table with an overgrown garden in the background.

    Think I might have to do polytunnel stuff earlier in the day before it becomes too hot. 🌱

    I’ve pulled up approximately 1,362 blades of grass. That’s enough for now. 🌱

    Right then polytunnel, we’ll see just how much I can clear you before the play-off final starts. 🌱⚽️😐

    Posting this to try and bully myself into starting to clear what once was a beautiful vegetable patch and polytunnel. 😐🌱

    Polytunnel, infested by weeds and detritus. Raised beds outdoors, weeds growing wild. Weeds growing undisturbed in gravel.

    Gorgeous few days on the horizon, a great opportunity to get the veg patch and polytunnel cleared. So will I?🌱😐

    My gardening year was threatening to fizz out before it had even started. The polytunnel and veg patch are still overgrown, but I potted on a few chilli seedlings yesterday. Tomatoes are pretty much dead, but I can buy a few plants. 🌱

    Garden stuff planned. Actually, I need to move beyond planning and actually start gardening. πŸŒ±πŸŒΆοΈπŸ…

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