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    Doctor Who was brilliant. An unexpected happy ending for The Doctor. 📺

    Well, the new ‘Frasier’ is by no means terrible; apparently it starts to take off four or five episodes in. 📺

    That ‘Doctor Who’ trailer. 😍📺

    The ‘Frasier’ trailer doesn’t fill me with much hope. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised. 📺

    The new series of ‘Curse of Skinwalker Ranch’ started this week, so I’m going to catch up tonight. I know it’s television, I know it’s entertainment, but I love it. 📺

    Goodness knows, I’ve seen some rough times at the Turf over the seasons - I’ve earned basking in a bit of reflected glory. ⚽️📺

    Also finished ‘Mission to Burnley’ documenting the fall and rise of my beloved Clarets. While I’m incredibly happy that I’ve made rural Ireland my home, I do feel a little torn that I’m not around to soak in the feel-good atmosphere around the town that comes with the football team doing well. 📺⚽️

    There are so many channels and streaming platforms now, it’s impossible to keep up with everything. 📺

    Finished the first series of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ last-night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a clever, funny and warm programme it is. 📺

    Buddhism and Me.

    Watching Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens This episode concentrates mainly on Zen Buddhism and zen gardens. I awkwardly refer to myself as ‘an atheist with Buddhist leanings’ and while zen is a difficult thing to get one’s mind around, I think it’s potentially life changing. Of course mindfulness has arisen from this, which has rocketed in popularity in the west - and with good reason too. I really should actually take time to practice this, and not just when my mood takes a dip.

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    I don’t want to go all ‘Growing up, I only had four channels to watch…’ but how can one possibly watch and digest everything of interest? I suppose it’s like a reading pile now, something that will never be empty. 📚📺

    New Queer Eye on Netflix! Love that show. 📺

    It’s been a polarising few years for the show, good to see everyone excited for the RTD return. 📺Doctor Who - 60th Anniversary Specials.

    ‘Hawk The Slayer’ is on telly. I know it’s a steaming pile of cack, but I loved that film as a kid. 📺📽️

    Watching ‘The Curse of Peladon - Doctor Who’. 📺

    My ‘Doctor Who - The Collection. Season 9.’ Blu-ray arrived this afternoon. 📺

    Watching this at the moment. I’ve had the DVD for a little while but it’s been sat in a drawer. Arthur C. Clarke’s World of Strange Powers.📺