A few hours footy, then a bit of cleaning.

Right then Burnley, a win please. ⚽️

I’m neglecting this place of late through no other reason than I’ve gotten out of the habit. 😐

Oh, Burnley. What a terrible season. ⚽️

My wife has brought me Leffe 0% home, haven’t tried this one before. Given how nice the original is, not to mention the relatively high alcohol content, it’s unsurprising that the alcohol free version doesn’t quite work.

Trying to get back into a regular walking routine with my best-friends. 🐕🏃🏻

A tan and white lurcher and tricolour terrier sit in the back seat of a car. A hairy bespectacled man sits ominously half out of shot.

Having a dig around Scrivener again. No idea why, as I love Ulysses, but I stilll have that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I’m missing out on Scrivener’s organisational capabilities. 💻📝

Currently Reading: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 📚

Currently Reading: Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett 📚

Finished reading: Dread Wood (Dread Wood, Book 1) by Jennifer Killick 📚

Watched the first episode of ‘Foundation’ last-night and found it hard-going. 📺

Finished ‘Silo’ yesterday, after ‘Severance’. Thinking either ‘For All Mankind’ or ‘Foundation’ next. Apple TV has some corking series. 📺

Seeing as the kids are off school this week (I’m sure they’ve only just gone back) I think I’ll spend my time decluttering.

Currently Reading: Dread Wood (Dread Wood, Book 1) by Jennifer Killick 📚

Finished reading: Eric by Terry Pratchett 📚🦧

Does anyone have any experience with the Starling hub? Sounds a bit too good to be true to get Google Nest products working in HomeKit. 💻

Still liking the feel of Apple’s Journal app, particularly the way it pulls in Activity, Podcasts, Music, etc. Find it a little irritating that it doesn’t automatically do the same for audiobooks. 💻

Making a concerted effort to get my health back on track again. Put on a stack of weight, lots of overeating due to boredom and poor mental health. I’ve also been avoiding exercise and took the reopening of my favourite trail, which has been blocked by trees, as a sign that it’s time to grasp the nettle. 🏃🏻😐

Currently Reading: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera 📚

Finished reading: Best Nerds Forever by James Patterson 📚